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we will remove tarter above and below the gum line


Any Diseased, chipped, fractured toothe will be extracted

Flouride treatment

Flouride paste will be applied to all the teeth to restore their stength


At the end teeth will be polished to make all the surfaces smooth and irritation free

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What Is Dental Disease?

Dental disease affects the teeth, gums and structures that support and surround a dog’s teeth. It begins with plaque buildup on the teeth. This plaque contains bacteria and food particles.

Plaque that stays on the teeth hardens into tartar. When tartar is above the gumline, it’s easily visible, and your veterinarian can remove it relatively easily during a professional dental cleaning.



Signs of dental disease in dogs include

How this dental cleaning and polshing will be done?

Professional dog teeth cleanings require general anesthesia to allow us to clean above and below the gumline and ensure that your dog’s entire mouth is cleaned. So, call us to figure out the best schedule and options for your dog’s dental care routine.

Although dental disease is common in dogs, proper dog dental care can keep a dog’s mouth as healthy as possible.

why good dental care is so critical:

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